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Integrated Control and Monitoring System

Product Integrated Control and Monitoring System

ICMS is an integrated alarm monitoring and control system based on the central computer system of the engine control room and cargo control room to safely and efficiently operate the main engine's auxiliary equipment and cargo/ballast work.

The integrated alarm monitoring and control system is designed modularly for each function and is based on workstations and I/O modules interconnected by Ethernet TCP/IP and CAN communication networks.
We can use these standard modules to meet various requirements of shipowners.

The system was developed by HANLA IMS to ensure safe and efficient operation of engine room mechanical controls and cargo/ballast operations and has been issued type approval certificates by ABS, BV, CCS, DNVGL, KR, LR and NK.

System Configuration

System Configuration

Product Features

  • Alarm monitoring system
  • Extension alarm system on the UMS(Unmanned engine room Machinery Space) mode
  • E/R machinery control system
  • Power plant system
  • Personal alarm system
  • Cargo control system
  • Ballast control system
  • Tank management system
  • Valve remote control system
  • Ballast management system
  • Power plant monitoring system
  • Personal alarm system
  • System self diagnose
  • Network secure from various cyber attacks
  • Modular design accordance with owner’s requirements using standard modules


  • Main engine overview
  • F.O & D.O supply system
  • Lubrication oil system
  • Compressor air system
  • Cooling system
  • Steam system
  • F.O transfer system
  • Bilge system
  • Power plant system
  • Cargo control system
  • Ballast control system
  • Anti-heeling control system
  • Ballast water treatment system
  • SOx scrubber control system
  • Others