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E/R Alarm Monitoring and Control System

Product E/R Alarm Monitoring and Control System

The Alarm Monitoring and Control System is a subsystem of ICMS that performs alarm display, status monitoring and control of the main engine auxiliary machinery on a monitor screen consisting of a graphical mimic of the ship's piping diagram on a computer workstation in the engine control room.

UMS alarm function
In unattended machinery space operation, the alarm information is notified to bridge and duty engineer of each cabin when alarm is occur, and then duty engineer take immediate measures for the alarm in accordance with the IMO rule requirement.

This system remotely monitors and controls engine room equipment, including main engine monitoring, auxiliary machine monitoring control, standby start control, compressed air control, and sequence control.

This monitoring and control is implemented through I/O modules or communication for various signal types.

System Configuration

  • System Configuration
  • System Configuration
  • System Configuration
  • System Configuration

Product Features

  • Alarm monitoring system
  • Extension alarm system on the UMS(Unmanned engine room Machinery Space) mode
    Selection and indication of duty engineer function
    Alarm display function
    Repeat alarm function
    Engineer call function
  • Main engine monitoring
  • M/E Cyl. exhaust gas deviation temp monitoring
  • E/R Aux. machinery monitoring and control
  • Stand-by start control
  • Compressed air control
  • Sequence control
  • Power plant monitoring system
  • Personal alarm system
  • System self diagnose
  • Network load monitoring and system node monitoring
  • Modular design accordance with owner’s requirements using standard modules


  • Main engine overview
  • F.O supply system
  • D.O supply system
  • Lubrication oil system
  • Compressor air system
  • Cooling system
  • Steam system
  • Purifier system
  • F.O transfer system
  • Bilge system
  • Power plant system
  • Others