Centum Maritime provides consulting, design, development, installation and commissioning services
in the field of shipbuilding and marine automation based on the know-how accumulated by building various
marine automation systems in the shipbuilding and marine industry for over 30 years.

Conning Display System

Product Conning Display System

Centum Maritime provides a digital coning display system that can guide the safe navigation of ships by providing navigation information with improved readability and availability to navigators through the dual ultra-wide display units of the coning display system installed on the bridge overhead console.
Additionally, our coning display systems can be expanded for installation in bridge wing consoles and captain's cabins.

System Configuration

System Configuration

Product Features

  • Dual platform server and ultra-wide display device
  • Individual operation (when normal) or integrated operation (when abnormal)
  • Synchronization between primary/secondary platform servers
  • Day/night mode switching and brightness adjustment
  • Max. 8-channel RS-422 (NMEA 0183)/gateway, expandable between gateways
  • Bridge wings, captain’s cabin, etc. can be expanded
  • Parameter adjustment
  • NMEA Sentence : DBT, GLL, HDT, MWV, RMC, ROT, RSA, THS, VBW, VHW, VTG, XDR, ZDA, etc..

Ultra-wide Display Units

  • 1. 28.6 inches, 37 inches FHD(Full High Definition)
    Resolution: 1920x540 (FHD)
    Aspect ratio: 16:4.5 (FHD)
    Brightness: 700cd/m2 (adjustable from 0% to 100%)
  • 2. 49.5 inches, 58.4 inches UHD(Ultra High Definition)
    Resolution: 3840x1080 (UHD)
    Aspect ratio: 32:9 (UHD)
    Brightness: 700cd/m2 (adjustable from 0% to 100%)